Castel Telvana


Castel Telvana is part of one of the most beautiful and spectacular landscapes in Trentino. Situated on a panoramic position on the mountain above Borgo Valsugana, have become the emblem of this historical village.From its position, Castel Telvana overlooks the valley in all its extension.

Private property cannot be visited inside, but it is accessible by a path of wonderful mules called “castles path”. The departure is from the old town of Borgo, climbing the Telvana stairs, passing the Friars Church for reaching the castle and then continues along the slopes of Monte Ciolino to reach the ruins of Castel San Pietro and ends in Telve di Sopra.
Climbing along the path, the magic atmosphere grows, till reaching the back of the castle, from where you can admire the whole Valsugana. The sight is really breathtaking, the partially ruined towers and walls are so fascinating and exciting.
The history of this castle is a long and adventurous one. Fortified pre-Roman and Roman Castle , part of the group of castels along the famous military way “Claudia Augusta Altinate”. According to a first document this castle was destroyed by the Franks in 590. Other sources instead go back the vicissitudes of the late Middle Ages. It was burnt in 1665, and after the restoration became baronial residence.