The salt chamber


The Halotherapy
Called the “white gold” and considered a precious gift from Mother Earth, the salt (from the Greek word Halos) is used since ancient times not only for food preservation but also for its many therapeutic properties.
When you’re at the seaside and breathe the “smell of the sea”, you’re doing Halotherapy. Also known as salt therapy, it’s a completely natural method. It is based on the inhalation of micro-particles of crystalline salt, that, thanks to their antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, foster the sanitization of the respiratory system, strengthen the immune system and eliminate muscle tension and stress.
Nowadays, thanks to the salt chamber, we can recreate the beneficial effects of the time spent at the seaside and amplify them, creating a marine microclimate that is good for everyone, young and old people.
The origins
In the Middle Ages, to treat certain diseases, the monks used to lead sick people into the salt mines and let them breathe the salt particles generated by the breaking of stalactites. In the nineteenth century it was noticed that the Polish miners of salt mines were the only ones to enjoy good health, compared to the hard work they did and the poor quality of the air that is typical of the mines.
The first scientific studies on the microclimate of the salt chamber go back to the Polish physicist F. Bochkowsky (1843). In his studies he determined the importance of size and weight of the salt molecules that determine the health benefits. From his initial evaluations, the halotherapy spread out widely, reaching the official accreditation as a medical therapy in many countries of Europe.

How to do it
Using a specially created instrument, we can recreate the beneficial effects of the time spent at the seaside and amplify them, creating a marine microclimate. Moreover, there is a wall made of bricks of pink Himalayan salt, which contribute to fully enjoy the salt benefits . The relaxing effect is completed by the color therapy, which illuminates the salt wall with different colors. The nebulizer finally completes the benefit of treatment, creating a salty fog that in addition to the many benefits creates a unique experience.


The pink Himalayan salt
The salt used is pink Himalayan salt, in beans and in bricks. The peculiarity of this salt, extracted from the slopes of the Himalayas, is that in addition to sodium chloride, it contains 84 other elements, namely all those microelements that we need, in the right portions. It is therefore the most complete and most valuable kind of salt. It is also an unrefined salt, which is not chemically treated. The color pink is given by the presence of iron.


The importance of salt in our body
The close relationship between salt and water plays an important role in our body. Its ability to regulate the water balance and to support the positive cell processes gives to the salt a very important role in:
– Balanced distribution of liquid
– Purification and detoxification of the tissues
– Stability of blood circulation and the functional capacity of the blood
– Good functioning of the kidneys
– Purification and secretion
– Digestion – assimilation and utilization of nutrients
– Good functioning of the nervous system and brain activity
– Muscles and heart activity



The medical and scientific literature identifies the same value of 3 days on the beach with 30 minutes of halotherapy.
Halotherapy has been proved particularly suitable for the treatment of respiratory disorders and ear disorders, allergic diseases and skin diseases. It also promotes blood circulation and stimulates metabolism.
Other benefits are:
– Less tendency to colds and flu.
– Better sleep, meditation and relaxation.
– Increased lung capacity.
– Increased use of B and C vitamins.
– Relief from allergies and hay fever.
– Relief from headaches.
– Relief of the respiratory tract and nose
– Reduction of the intensity of asthma attacks.
– Improvement of the immune system.
– Relief from the discomfort caused by an excess of serotonin (‘good mood hormone “when the rate of serotonin in the blood rises you feel nervous, tense, depressed) and stamina in your body.
– Relief from sore throat, cough, bronchial asthma, nausea.
– Normalization of hormonal imbalances.
– Decrease of irritability, depression and tension.
– Increase of attention.
– Increase work productivity.
– Improvement of concentration.
– More efficient functioning of the whole organism.